The Cookie Jar Golf Podcast

147 - Eclectic 18: Erik Anders Lang

August 01, 2022 Cookie Jar Golf Season 1 Episode 147
The Cookie Jar Golf Podcast
147 - Eclectic 18: Erik Anders Lang
Show Notes

Whilst up in St Andrews, we hung out with Erik and his team and decided to record a podcast. Founder of Random Golf Club, Erik has enjoyed a relatively late start in the game of golf, but he's certainly made up for lost time! His adventures in golf have taken him to some of the most remote stretches of golfing land, including Israel, Iceland, Africa and beyond!

We wanted to hear about his personal journey in golf and thought we would do an Eclectic 18 to get his take on on the game, what has shaped his outlook on golf, and led him to where he is today as one of the largest voices on the game. Erik amazingly decided to walk in to this without a pre-populated view on holes or scorecard, instead doing it 'on the fly' which certainly adds some spice to the proceedings... and he pretty much pulls it off which was quite impressive!  

For more on Erik you can visit his social media on @erikanderslang or @randomgolfclub and make sure you check out their website on

#1 - Maidstone Club
#2 - Lofoten Links
#3 - Bandon Trails
#4 - Western Gailes
#5 - Crystal Downs
#6 - Rustic Canyon
#7 - Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club
#8 - Oakmont
#9 - National Golf Links of America 
#10 - Barnbougle Dunes
#11 - The Old Course
#12 - Prestwick (original closing hole from 1860 layout) 
#13 - Augusta National
#14 - Dunes Club, Sanibel (FL)
#15 - Cypress Point
#16 - Pacific Grove
#17 - Bethpage (Black)
#18 - Pebble Beach
par -  69 / yardage - 5,951

19th hole - Iona

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