The Cookie Jar Golf Podcast

137 - Stephen Proctor: The Long Golden Afternoon

July 05, 2022 Cookie Jar Golf Season 1 Episode 137
The Cookie Jar Golf Podcast
137 - Stephen Proctor: The Long Golden Afternoon
Show Notes

Historian, writer and Herbert Warren-Wind shortlisted author Stephen Proctor joins the podcast this week to talk about the release of his second book - The Long Golden Afternoon. Charting the events around golfs ultimate boom period following the death of Young Tommy Morris right through to the advent of WWI, the book is a fascinating read to really understand one of the most significant (and often much less talked about) periods in history. Starting with John Ball jr of Hoylake becoming the first Englishman and Amateur to win The Open in 1890, right through to the Great Triumverate and the success of many others, it's a cracking book. I firm recommendation from The Jar to add this to your golf library - the link can be found below. 

Stephen is a fabulous guest, incredibly knowledgeable and articulates history in such a captivating way! 


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